The Nature Conservancy, a partner in this project, is seeking to hire, as an external contractor, a consultant to analyse nature-based solutions and risk financing.

The main objective of this consultancy is to support The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and their subcontracted partner, the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC), in delivering the specific outcomes outlined below, as part of the LIFE Adapta Blues project.

TNC and UCSC aim to consolidate knowledge on European uses of nature-based solutions for climate adaptation and to disseminate this information in a concise and user-friendly format. The information and lessons learned from these case studies will be later added by TNC to a “Europe” page under the NbS database,

This database is widely used by conservation and climate practitioners; however it is currently mostly limited to US use, as the database currently only has US case studies. Thus, in addition to mapping and assessing the current status of NbS for climate adaptation in Europe, this project action aims to make this NbS tool available and relevant for European practitioners.

The role of the consultant in this process will be to support the collection of European case studies on NbS, to review the case studies for relevance, and to write up lessons learned and key information for each selected case study. Specifically, the consultant shall perform the following tasks:

•Develop a review of case studies in Europe for nature-based solutions to climate adaptation, write up lessons learned, outcomes, and key information for each selected case study, in close collaboration with team members at TNC and UCSC.

•Develop a selection and preparation of case study summaries and entries for the NbS website (, based on relevance to the Adapta Blues project objectives and the database of case studies. The final output will be 10-12 case studies selected and prepared by the consultant, following guidance from other team members.

•Format case study write-ups in compatible format for entry to the Guidance to be provided by UCSC and TNC.

•Review existing climate adaptation and resilience finance mechanisms for coastal habitats in Europe. Guidance to be provided by UCSC and TNC.

•Support the project team on reviewing funding mechanisms for nature-based adaptation in Europe, and support other team members in the feasibility assessment of a resilience insurance mechanism for the flood risk reduction analyses developed by project partners.


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