Weather stations record changes in the Earth’s surface temperature over time.

Over the last decade these data reveal that we are in an era of accelerated global warming, both in the oceans and on land. The warming in the oceans is less than that of the continents.

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In addition, the climate is changing differently in different places on Earth, as well as at the Earth’s surface and in the atmosphere. Changes in global precipitation have also been observed.

The main change observed in recent decades has been an increase in global average temperature. In addition, it has been observed that the rate of change has been much greater in the last 25 years compared to the rate of change over the last 150 years.

Changes in the distribution of precipitation have also been observed in different parts of the Earth.

In general, the northern region of the continents has experienced an increase in annual precipitation, while the tropical or equatorial region tends to decrease. There has also been a change in the seasonality of rainfall.

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