Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) are an opportunity to align environmental and climate resilience objectives. The momentum for these sustainable solutions for coastal protection is growing because of the urgent need to avoid further biodiversity loss and to meet climate change adaptation and mitigation objectives.

Within this framework, the LIFE AdaptaBlues project aims to increase the body of knowledge of specific Nature based Solutions as climate change adaptation measures. To achieve this goal, the project has conducted a review of case studies of NbS in Europe, which lead to the publication of this scientific paper.

Specifically, this paper analyses 59 case studies of BNS related to flooding, erosion and biodiversity loss in coastal and estuarine zones in Europe. The aim is to draw key lessons, better understand their current state of implementation and identify key challenges and gaps for replicating and scaling up such solutions.

The article, published in Frontiers in Environmental Science, can be read in our Results>Communication Actions section.